About Temple

Shree Ram Mandir is a prominent Hindu temple located in the Central Mumbai locality of Dadar. This temple is managed by followers of Shree Samsthan Gokarn Partagali Jeevottam Muth of the Gowd Saraswat Brahmin community. It is also known as “Maharashtrachi Ayodhya” owing to its famous Ram Navami celebrations.

The presiding deity is Lord Ram with Lakshman and Sita. Shree Ram Mandir has many religious activities and festivals round the year, prominent among them are Shree Ganeshotsav concluding on the day of Shri Anant Chaturdashi and then Shree Ram Navami festival for 9 days.

The temple complex also houses three community halls which are fully equipped with air-conditioning and other facilities. These are used for organising the festivals as well as rented out for activities such as marriage, brahmopadeshams and other cultural activities.

Shatakoti Ram Naam Maha Yagna

In 1997, in the year of Golden Jubilee of India’s Independence, for the welfare of the Indian nation in particular and humanity in general, parampujya H.H. Shrimad Vidyadhiraj Teerth Shripad Vader Swamiji organised a series of Maha Yagnas during Dasara at Shri Ram Mandir – Mumbai, where thousands of devotees from all over the country participated.

Interestingly though this particular yajna was performed in a particular place, Shri Swamiji organised it in such a way that the young and the school going children as well as the old can participate sitting at their own home. All samaj bandhavas were encouraged to chant, write and submit “Koti” (one crore) likhita (written) form of Taraka Mantra “Shri Rama Jaya Rama Jaya Jaya Rama”. It is believed that a calmness engulfs as one indulges in writing the taraka mantra bringing in more clarity of mind, tolerance and strength to withstand obstacles in life. Huge number of people wrote hundreds of note books in which thousands have chanted and written in their own handwriting the taraka mantra and arrived at the venue.

The enthusiasm of the devotees was so great that as against the targeted one crore, 23 crore mantras were inscribed by devotees. These are still stored in the form of structure in the temple.

Main Deities of Shree Ram Mandir Wadala:

  • Lord Shree Ram, Laxman and Sitadevi    :    The primary deities of the Mandir dearly worshipped by everyone.
  • Navgrah Mantap    :    The darshan of all the nine planets in the form of deities.
  • Vasuki Mantap    :    Vasuki is the symbol of Naga worship in Hindu community.
  • Balaji Pratima    :    An idol of Tirupati Venkateshwara also called as the lord of Kaliyuga.
  • Ganesh Mantap    :    The darshan of all four Yuga Ganpati in the form of deities.

Upcoming Events

10th April, 2022

Shree Ram Mandir has many religious festivals round the year, Shree Ram Navami Mahotsav is the most prominent among them.

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Dailly Panchang

   22nd March, 2022

  • Samvatsar  :   Plava

  • Vaar  :  Guruvaar

  • Ayan  :  Uttarayan

  • Ritu  :  Shishir

  • Maas  :  Phalgun

  • Paksh  :  Krishnapaksh

  • Tithi  :  Sapthami

  • Nakshatra  :  Jyestha

  • Yog  :  Siddh

  • Karan  :  Vishti

  • Rahukaal  :  1.30 to 3.00