“Ganeshotsava” is the mother of all festivals in the state of Maharashtra. Started long ago, Saravajanik Ganeshotsava continues to be a socio-cultural activity cutting across the barriers of religion and caste which serves as a platform for social bonding and “National Integration” more so at G.S.B. Sarvajanik Ganeshotsava at Dwarakanath Bhavan, Wadala. Since 1955, people from all sects congregate at Dwarakanath Bhavan in Mumbai for this mega festival and G.S.B. Sarvajanik Ganeshotsava has been celebrated with grandeur and delight.

Devotees have all along acclaimed the Ganeshotsava for its solemn, devotional atmosphere in the divine and serene surroundings of the popular Shree Ram Mandir, Wadala and the poojas and the sevas are performed in accordance with the prescribed vedic norms.

The devotees cherish their offering of Sevas at the benign feet of Lord Ganesh and describe their experience as celestial. The Samiti places additional emphasis and thrust on Social Welfare, Cultural, Educational and Medical activities in order to serve the Society at large. Therefore, the Trust has been continuously rendering various services to the community by offering Educational Aid, Scholarship to Students and providing Food and Medical Assistance to needy people.

The ever-increasing popularity and success of our Ganeshotsava celebrations is undoubtedly due to the unstinted “TANU-MANA-DHANA” support of patrons and sevadars like you and commensurate service of our committed members and untiring volunteers.

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Some of the pooja’s booked during Ganeshotsava are as follows

  • Udayasthamana Seva
  • Maha Annasantarpana
  • Anna Santarpana
  • Ganahoma
  • Ranga Pooja
  • Full day seva
  • Sarvalankar Seva
  • Maha Pooja
  • Mood Ganapati
  • Pushpa Pooja

Anant Chaturdashi

The Anantha Chaturdashi Vrata is observed on the chathurdasi day falling in shuklapaksha in the month of Bhaadrapad. On this day the temple is decorated with many bunches of Sriphal, banana trees, garlands of mango leaves and varieties of fruits.

This day, the sriphal borne Kalash is decorated by making a dharbya Ananth (the great Serpent, the seat of reclining Lord Vishnu) over the sriphal, seating the Saligramam on this and keeping thereon a thread with 14 knots, invoking Lord’s presence and do the pujas, with naivedyams of varieties of sweets, fruits, etc. This sanctified thread is then immersed along with Ganapati idol installed in the temple premises.

Some of the poojas offered as follows:

  • Anna Santarpana
  • Maha Pooja
  • Pushpalankar
  • Prasad

Upcoming Events

10th April, 2022

Shree Ram Mandir has many religious festivals round the year, Shree Ram Navami Mahotsav is the most prominent among them.

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Dailly Panchang

   22nd March, 2022

  • Samvatsar  :   Plava

  • Vaar  :  Guruvaar

  • Ayan  :  Uttarayan

  • Ritu  :  Shishir

  • Maas  :  Phalgun

  • Paksh  :  Krishnapaksh

  • Tithi  :  Sapthami

  • Nakshatra  :  Jyestha

  • Yog  :  Siddh

  • Karan  :  Vishti

  • Rahukaal  :  1.30 to 3.00