Marriage Bureau

G.S.B. Wadala Marriage Bureau is considered as most prominent marriage bureau in G.S.B. Community. It all started more than 12 years back on the first floor of Shree Ram Mandir. Earlier the data used to be in non-computerized form But 7-8 years back some respected members of G.S.B. community from Yellapur made a computer program called Jeevottam Jeevansathi, especially for prospective brides and grooms of G.S.B. community. Our G.S.B. Wadala marriage Bureau obtained licensed version of this unique computerized program and the said program is installed in our Marriage Bureau. This program is specially meant for G.S.B. and Rajapur Saraswat community members. As per the program one has to register with the marriage bureau and their data is fed into the system. The system matches as per the horoscope and choice of preference of bride a groom respectively and they give the matching profile. This helps the prospective groom or bride to find matching profile. The marriage bureau charges Rs.200/- as a registration charge and Rs.100/- for next 5 print outs of matching profiles.

The Marriage Bureau members are available on the first floor of the Ram Mandir on Saturday between 5:00 and 7:30 p.m. There are almost 2000 profiles registered with G.S.B. Wadala Marriage bureau. So, if you are looking for bride or groom then don’t wait, do approach G.S.B. Wadala Marriage Bureau.

Contact Person  :  Mr. Chandrakant Shanbhag   9137286392

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10th April, 2022

Shree Ram Mandir has many religious festivals round the year, Shree Ram Navami Mahotsav is the most prominent among them.

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Dailly Panchang

   22nd March, 2022

  • Samvatsar  :   Plava

  • Vaar  :  Guruvaar

  • Ayan  :  Uttarayan

  • Ritu  :  Shishir

  • Maas  :  Phalgun

  • Paksh  :  Krishnapaksh

  • Tithi  :  Sapthami

  • Nakshatra  :  Jyestha

  • Yog  :  Siddh

  • Karan  :  Vishti

  • Rahukaal  :  1.30 to 3.00