Vasant Utsav

Vasant Rutu pooja is celebrated by performing rituals such as Daily Palki Utsav and Vasant Pooja Seva of Lord Shree Ram with Ashtavandana Seva throughout the period of Vasant Rutu.

This year Vasant Rutu seva will be celebrated from 11-04-2022 to 01-06-2022.

Palki seva will not be available for the following days:

  • 12th April,2022
  • 27th April 2022
  • 12th May 2022
  • 26th May 2022

The main attraction for the kids in this festival is prasad that is served after the pooja. A very tasty spread of food (naivedya/naivedyam – food which is offered to God) is prepared and offered to god and then distributed among the people gathered for the pooja.

Naivedya for this festival usually consists of

– muga dali usli (a dry dish prepared with moong dal) – right in the below picture,

– chane usli (a dry dish with black chickpeas) – left in the below picture,

– ambli pachdi (spiced shredded mango dish),

– panak (a sweetish, spicy drink)

Pooja’s available for booking:

  • Palki seva (Individual)
  • Palki seva (Institution)

Upcoming Events

10th April, 2022

Shree Ram Mandir has many religious festivals round the year, Shree Ram Navami Mahotsav is the most prominent among them.

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Dailly Panchang

   22nd March, 2022

  • Samvatsar  :   Plava

  • Vaar  :  Guruvaar

  • Ayan  :  Uttarayan

  • Ritu  :  Shishir

  • Maas  :  Phalgun

  • Paksh  :  Krishnapaksh

  • Tithi  :  Sapthami

  • Nakshatra  :  Jyestha

  • Yog  :  Siddh

  • Karan  :  Vishti

  • Rahukaal  :  1.30 to 3.00